Friday, April 23, 2021

Tributaries (updated-updated repost)

My song Original Miles has been streamed on Spotify over 19,000 times now (that's why I keep updating this post). Let me just say holy shit for both of us. That many streams and I think that you can safely call it a river. Thank you to everyone who listens to and shares my music. This is how it spreads, and it all started with you. (In this context, that's a good thing.)

I've said it before, but you're the real rock stars; I'm just a guy who plays music. I am truly honored and humbled by your continued support. It feels great to know that people around the world are listening to my songs. That's why I wrote them.

Black Ribbon Day, also from Embers (2021), has been streamed a few thousand times now and continues to find its way onto playlists as well.


If you're new around here, welcome to what I do. If you like my songs, please share them with your friends, add them to your playlists and follow me wherever you listen. I value and appreciate your help in getting my music out there. You are the amplifier. 

I always like to thank my listeners and fans for supporting independent art, too. That said, I feel compelled to note that only the creation, production and distribution of my music are independent; getting people to actually play it requires the dedication and support of listeners like you, especially since personally, I rather loathe social media. I'd much rather be creating than consuming. So if you like what I'm doing, please tell your friends and acquaintances to check it out, too. I don't even mind if your enemies listen to my music, unless they are in fact complete assholes. I don't need them, and neither do you.


If you want to hear more of my music but you're not sure where to start, here are my top twenty (of fifty-four total) tracks on Spotify in terms of all-time streams. In parentheses after each, I also included a brief description, which is basically how I might introduce these songs to a live audience. I vaguely remember live audiences.

1.  Original Miles (accepting people despite our faults)
2.  Black Ribbon Day (a peaceful revolution in the USSR)
3.  Be Civilized (we're all in this together, so be cool)
4.  Panic Attack (coming together to promote positive change)
5.  Now or Forever? (our common humanity supercedes all that divides us)
6.  Life Preserver (always wanting to save the people you love)
7.  Modern Inconveniences (the distorting distractions that come between us)
8.  Entropy (progress as a force for positive change)
9.  Antidote (forgiveness as a remedy for hate)
10. Don't Forget Who You Are (old friends are always with us)
11. Make Some Noise! (Summer of '99) (power chords, basements and rocking out)
12. Particle (contextualizing our place in a very big universe)
13. The Fool (a bitter breakup song, part of every musician's repertoire)
14. Gravel Roads (road trips and the unexpected places life takes us) 
15. Gravity (the consequences of bad governance)
16. Screen Memories (remembering things as better than they actually were)
17. Baby Blue (a story of love and sorrow)
18. Turn the Page (people and places change)
19. Wake Up! (the need for critical thinking and civic engagement)
20. Life/Time (sometimes things only make sense in retrospect)

If you use a different streaming service, you should be able to find these songs there, too. 


You can also hear early versions of my newest stuff at my ReverbNation page, including the four songs that I've written over the past couple of weeks (Plastic Flowers, Holiday, Haunted and The Regular), which are currently only available here. As I continue to develop songs for my next album, part of my process involves uploading the most recent versions of them, mostly so that I can listen to them on different devices to figure out if the mixing is decent.

Thank you for listening and for checking out my blog. Come back often, as I update it almost daily, sometimes more. I've also got a few more songs that are currently in the works. I'll let you know when I crack them. 

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