Thursday, April 15, 2021

Songs in the Key of I Guess I'm Writing Another Album

Today's tracks that I would like to share with you come from a very exclusive category. These are songs with seven letter titles that start with H and which I wrote this week. They are also presently unavailable anywhere other than here and shall be added to my forthcoming album, which I'm just as surprised about as you. 

See? I told you it was an exclusive category. 

The first is called Holiday. It's about going stir crazy, something I think a lot of us can probably relate to after more than a year of quarantine.  

The second is called Haunted. It's about the memories left behind when a person is gone. 

As a bonus track, here's another unreleased song called The Regular. It doesn't start with H, but the second word has seven letters.  

Enjoy. Share. Thank you for supporting independent art. 

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