Saturday, April 24, 2021


I've spent much of the day working on Plastic Flowers, which is one of my songs that is yet unreleased and only available here. These are all works-in-progress.  

In fact, I recorded five new takes of the vocal tracks today and then cut together what I thought were the best parts of each section of the song into one track. The rest are hanging out in the background for now. My original version was a bit loose on the beat, and the melody kind of wandered off in the second verse. Now it's at least slightly better. I'm sure that I'll keep working on it, but you can stream the latest version of it below.

I also removed eight measures from the otherwise gratuitous guitar solo, as I felt that it needed to end before it officially entered wanker territory. I think that I got it just in time.

Every generation redefines the American Dream to adapt to a changing cultural context. This song is essentially a chronicle of this happening in real-time from the point-of-view of an educated inside observer. Before plastic became synonymous with waste, the word simply meant "capable of change." Did I mention that I also teach?

    These plastic flowers have magic powers

The birds are talking like it's going to rain. I'm going to go play piano for a little while. Enjoy the music. Enjoy your weekend. Live the life that you want to live, as long as it doesn't infringe upon anybody else's right to do the same. 

Thank you for listening and for checking out my blog. 

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