Thursday, January 19, 2023

Happy New Year

Over the holiday break, I managed to get about four songs written. I say "about" because it's really more like three and two halves, with a few additional songs that are still in very early stages of development (as in: I have written a verse or a chorus, none of which is anywhere near finalized). In any case, a new album is indeed coming together, though at a slightly slower pace than I might like. Still, it feels good to be creating again, and so far, I like the stuff that I have been coming up with. Tentatively, I am calling this project Ghosts and Mirrors, but that may very well be subject to change as it continues to evolve.

I also got the opportunity to perform live on a couple of occasions over the past few weeks. On New Year's, I played about a forty-five minute solo acoustic set on stage at a local bar. It went well, especially since this was essentially my first public performance since before the pandemic. About a week later, I played unplugged and unmiked at the same place, but that was more of a collective jam than anything else, as I noodled my way through some classic rock covers that I didn't really know how to play. I also played some originals, but again, on this particular occasion, it was more of a jam than a performance, as I was pretty much just playing for and with other musicians. It was still fun, of course, even if it's not quite the same thing as performing on stage for an audience.

Every New Year, rather than make resolutions, I try to set realistic but challenging goals for myself to accomplish over the next twelve months. Resolutions are for quitters. This year, I hope to not only finish writing and then recording another album, but I would also like polish up my performance chops and seize every opportunity that presents itself to do so. I've already gotten back into the habit of practicing every day, which I basically treated like a full-time job over the break. My calluses have never been thicker. Now it's just a matter of sharing my music with others in a live setting, which I'm hoping to be able to do with other musicians who are willing and able to learn my songs. Lately, I am happy to report that things have been moving forward on that front as well.  

It would be difficult for me to imagine a life without music, and every year in these moments of reflection, it is something for which I am profoundly thankful.