Monday, January 1, 2024

Keep on Rockin' in the New Year

I just played a set at the Buzzard's Roost. If you were there, cool. Thank you. I hope you got something out of my music, even if it was just tapping your toes. I hope that you shared in the fun that I had. 

My setlist was something like this:

Still Life
Gravel Roads
Dandelion Wine (If Only...)
The Fool
Go It Alone
Life Preserver
Baby Blue
Something to Break
Screen Memories

This marks the one-year anniversary of the first time that I played live music (also at the Buzzard's Roost) in Lamar, Colorado, which was the first that I had performed for an audience of more than three people since early 2020. Thanks to Jay and Karen and the rest of the crew for hosting me and the other musicians who performed. Every town needs at least one venue for stuff like this. I am glad to have found this one.  

Happy new year.