Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Zach Sands has spent the past twenty years writing, recording and performing music throughout the United States and beyond. He is also an author, a filmmaker and a scholar with a PhD in American Culture Studies, a master's degree in Film and Literature and a BA in Film Production. His first book, "Film Comedy and the American Dream," is about the connections between comedy and culture, and it is available from booksellers worldwide. 

In June 2017, he simultaneously released three full-length albums: "Weather Patterns," "Mechanical Bull," and "Good Night, Fahrenheit," all of which he wrote, recorded and self-produced between 2015 and 2017. On every song, he composed every track and plays every instrument. Zach even took the photographs from which he made the album designs.

You really can't get any indie-er or deeper underground than this.

If you like his music, please buy it, add it to your playlists and share it with your friends. Listeners like you are the only way that truly independent artists like Zach Sands are able to reach an audience. It all starts with you... 

Original song lyrics for all four albums can be found here

Thank you for listening and for supporting music that isn't corporately owned.