Thursday, April 29, 2021

Sad Songs to Make You Feel Better

Hello listeners, fans and people who randomly stumbled upon this site. Welcome to my music blog, where I like to share songs that I'm working on or that I've already written, and then I talk about them a little bit.  

The first song that I would like to share with you today is one of my yet unreleased tracks, to be included on my forthcoming album, which presently remains untitled. I wrote this song a few weeks ago

Haunted is about the memories left behind when a person is gone. My dad died unexpectedly last year. This song is basically about that -- but for anyone who is experiencing any kind of irreversible personal loss, I hope that maybe you can get something out of this song, too. 

The other song that I would like to share comes from my 2021 album, Embers. This one is about depression. It's called Quicksand. Again, if you or someone you know happens to need it, then I hope you get something out of this song. At the very least, it's got a cool groove, delivered to you by way of my baritone guitar.

Thanks for listening to and sharing my music. Original Miles has now been streamed over 22,000 times! For the sake of perspective, that is about seventy times more people than which currently live in the town where I grew up. No joke. That amazes me. If you like what I'm doing, please spread the word. I can't do what I do without your help.

Sometimes life sucks, but things do get better. Whatever it is that you're going through, I want you to get through it, and if you happen to need it, then I hope that my music helps.

As a bonus track, for those of you who may be feeling a bit stir crazy after more than a year of quarantine, here is another unreleased song that I recently wrote called Holiday. This song is me saying, yeah, I can totally relate. 

Enjoy. Share. Have a great summer. Stay cool always.

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