Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dr. Mix-a-Lot (no relation)

I've gotten a lot of reading done this week, mostly while waiting for my ancient laptop to process audio files so that I could listen to them and then go back and make adjustments. It takes about four minutes to export a song, which I have to keep doing until it's more or less where I want it. 

That said, I might finally be done with the mixing, and I'd like to think that I mean it this time. This is the part where I try to be as objective as possible when I listen to it, which isn't always easy. 

For now, you can hear all eleven of the new songs exclusively on my ReverbNation page. I've also provided links to each track individually below, along with a brief description of the song itself: 

01. Shadow Puppets (instrumental)
02. Light Pollution (about how ideologies can be blinding)
03. Rat Race (about being a cog in a corporate machine)
04. Out to Get You (about people who believe in batshit crazy conspiracy theories)
05. The Regular (about that guy end of the bar who seems like a permanent fixture)
06. Haunted (about the memories left behind when a person is gone)
07. Plastic Flowers (about how the American Dream adapts to the American Reality)
08. Petals in the Grass (an ekphrastic song about the first 16mm film that I ever made)
09. Dandelion Wine (If Only...) (about making the most of what you've got)
10. Holiday (about going stir crazy)
11. Wasted (about being consumed by unhealthy habits)

You can also find all of the lyrics here.

Thanks for listening. This album will soon be available to stream or purchase wherever you get your music. As of now, it's still a work-in-progress, but I think it's getting close. As always, thank you for supporting independent art. 

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