Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Meanwhile, At the Hall of Justice...

Today's songs that I would like to share with you both come from prior albums. If you follow the news at all, you might know why these songs seem appropriate. If you don't keep up with what's happening in the world, maybe you should. Just don't confuse hysteria inducing propaganda with actual journalism. One is meant to uncover the truth, while the other only serves to obfuscate it.

If something feels true, sometimes it just means that you're being manipulated. Here is a website that specializes in fact-checking. It's kind of all they do, so if they were to cease being accurate with these things, then it would be rather self-defeating in terms of their business model. (Please note that I don't mean to endorse this site so much as simply point people toward an objective truth. Think of this as a good place to start.) 

The first of today's songs is called Gravity, from my 2019 album Better Days. It's about a certain family of grifters who seemed hell-bent on destroying our democracy. Here is the Spotify link, but you should be able to find my songs wherever you get your music.

    They'd better start bracing for impact
    Because it's a long way down
    Don't think they're going to stay intact
    They'll break when they hit the ground    
    And they are going down... like gravity

The second is called Panic Attack. It comes from my 2017 album Mechanical Bull, and here it is on Spotify.

    No one knows what's supposed to happen next
    So we just keep our fingers crossed and keep hoping for the best
    But I know if we unite
    Then together we can fight
    Everything we know is wrong
    We don't have to play along anymore

As an added bonus, here are two articles that I wrote in 2017, which might provide some additional context. I like to believe that in the United States, no one is above the law. 

You can also hear my newest album, Petrichor (2021), in its entirety at the link below:

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Thank you for listening to my songs and reading my blog. You're the real rock stars. I'm just a guy who writes words, sometimes with musical accompaniment.  

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