Thursday, June 3, 2021

Soon to Drop

I think that the new album is just about done. I expect to wrap it up in the next week or two, but we'll see how it goes.   

In case you're keeping score, this will be my second full-length album to be released this year. (That's prolific, even for me.) Embers just came out in January, and the opening track, Original Miles, has now been streamed over 32,000 times by Spotify listeners all over the world. This amazes me.

Releasing albums as I make them is one of those things that you don't necessarily get with most mainstream artists. To me, one of the advantages of DIY music-making is that I can connect directly with listeners and fans, and I don't need a committee to be in agreement in order to make something happen. Every decision that brought this music into existence was made entirely by me. If you don't like it, then I guess that's on me, too.

As I continue to polish these new songs, I upload them to my ReverbNation page so that I can listen to them on multiple devices without having to enter all of the metadata every time I post a new version. Once I feel like they're done, then I shall officially make them available on streaming services worldwide through a digital distributor.

I usually get some physical CDs, too, which I order from an automated company in Japan for what amounts to about two bucks per disc. They come in a professional-looking cellophane-wrapped jewel case, and they don't charge extra for the UPC symbol.

(I'm not getting paid by these companies; I simply wanted to share how I do it, just in case any of you are looking to do something similar.)   

The opening track on Petrichor (available soon) is the only instrumental track on any of my six eponymous albums that I have released since 2017. Not that it sounds anything like it, but I was thinking specifically about Pixies: Bossanova when I decided to open the album with an instrumental. As I recall, the first track on Nine Inch Nails: Broken is also without words. These were two of my favorite albums when I was first learning to be a musician (although it has been a while since I've heard either).  

Thank you for listening to my music and checking out my blog. If you like what I'm doing, please share it with others who might like it as well. 

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