Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Nerding Out with Numbers

Not too long ago, I wrote about how much fun it can be to look at the real-time metrics on Spotify and be able to see how many people in the world are listening to my music at any given time. Just about every time I check it, there is at least one person streaming my music, but I have seen as many as sixteen listeners at once. This amazes me.

As of today, I just gained access to all of this information on Apple Music as well. To my surprise, I learned that my number one streamed song on there comes from my 2017 album Weather Patterns. It's called Baby Blue, and here is the link to stream it on YouTube:

I tend to think of this song as Neil Diamond meets Van Morrison. Every once in a while, I can hear my own influences in there, which are all over the place. 

Apple's interface also tells me how many people have used Kazaam to identify my music, which is pretty interesting, especially because I didn't even know my songs were in their system. One of these days, I'm going to use Kazaam while I'm practicing on acoustic guitar or piano in my sunroom to see if it recognizes what I'm playing. 

Also on Apple Music, I see that I have two songs that are tied for second place in terms of all-time streams, both of which happen to come from one of the other albums that I released in 2017.

The first of these songs is called Life/Time, which you can stream below:

The other song, with exactly as many total streams as the song above, is called Cold Blooded. It also comes from my 2017 album Good Night, Fahrenheit:

Don't forget to check out Petrichor, my latest album (still less than a week old): 

These are all YouTube and Apple Music links that I have provided in this post, but you can find all sixty-five of the self-produced songs that bear my name on most streaming music services worldwide. 

Petrichor is the sixth full-length album of original music that I have released since 2017.

Thanks for listening. If you like what I'm doing, please follow me and add my songs to your playlists on whatever streaming service you happen to use. This is how my songs get added to AI generated playlists/stations, which helps my music find new listeners. So it spreads... 

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