Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Thank you

This past week, I've had a major uptick in Spotify streams, particularly of my song Black Ribbon Day, from my latest album, Embers (2021). Even though I just wrote in a recent post about how I don't really promote any particular singles, it appears as though listeners like you may have essentially done so on my behalf. Further, it seems that I am also rising in the singer/songwriter charts on ReverbNation. This is all very cool. I appreciate everyone who helped to make this happen and continues to do so. 

Thank you to all of my listeners and fans for supporting music that isn't corporately owned

You really can't get much indie-er or deeper underground than this, and discerning connoisseurs like you are vital to shining a sustained light on my work. I don't know how you found my music, exactly, but I'm very glad that you did. You must have cool friends. We should all hang out sometime.

If you like my songs, please share them with your other cool friends, add them to your playlists and follow me on Spotify (and other media platforms). This is how it spreads, and it all starts with you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the support that is so crucial for an independent artist to thrive in today's music industry. No joke


Today's track that I'd like to share happens to be my number one streamed song on Apple Music, where, incidentally, you can also find a digital version of my first book. How's that for shameless self-promotion with a twist? This song was among the very first that I recorded, produced and mastered as a solo artist. (Unfortunately, I think this comes through somewhat in the production value, so please be forgiving.) It's called Baby Blue, from my 2017 album Weather Patterns

Fun fact: the writing of this song began with me lamenting about a light blue shirt of mine that my wife accidentally ruined by means of an act of kindness. By the time I finished crafting the tune, it had become a story of love lost. I've always imagined the video for this song as a slow dance in a high school gymansium, if you want to ride along in my mind with me. You can see me perform an unplugged version of it below:

Thank you again for supporting independent art. You're the real rock stars; I'm just a guy who plays music.

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