Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Of the five six solo albums that I've written and produced over the past four years, only two of them take their names from songs on that album. Those songs/albums are Better Days (2019) and Weather Patterns (2017). They also happen to follow a similar theme. I wrote Better Days about a year before the pandemic hit, but it certainly applies to our current moment as well. 

    We're just waiting on better days
    Something we can celebrate
    Tomorrow always comes too late...

This song is basically about being patient and waiting out a situation until it improves, but in the meantime, we should work even harder to make each other and ourselves happy. I wrote it about living through the sad, destructive and toxic era of Drumpf, the after-effects of which we continune to endure.... but at least we can smile knowing that better days are still ahead.   

Weather Patterns comes from my "Thanks a lot, Baby Boomers!" (/s) collection. The lyrics are about being politically informed and engaged for the sake of affecting positive change for the people who need it the most. In other words, while we wait for things to get better, we should each do what we can to improve the situation ourselves through the various mechanisms of a democratic government. 

    When the times are getting tough
    The have-nots have had enough
    Nothing trickles down from above
    I think it's time we called their bluff... 

Enjoy. Share. Sing along if you feel so inclined. And be sure to vote at every opportunity.

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