Monday, March 22, 2021

Peaceful Revolution

According to Spotify, my number one streaming song at the moment is Black Ribbon Day, from my recent album, Embers (2021). I've posted about it on here before, but this song is about the day that the people of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia symbollically declared their independence from the Soviet Union by holding hands between their capital cities. I thought that it was a beautiful story that I wanted to share, so I wrote a song about it. 

    Peacefully united, have you heard?
    We cannot be divided and conquered
    Or whatever, any longer
    Because together, we are stronger
    On Black Ribbon Day
As a bonus track, here's my song Imperfect Creatures, from my 2019 album Better Days. It's about being the best people we can be, while also recognizing that nobody's perfect. 

    So much wasted time
    Trying to turn a dollar on a dime...

(Sorry for the bad lighting. I guess that's the thing about filming these myself...)

Enjoy. Share. Be kind. Be brave. 

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