Friday, November 19, 2021


Happy Friday. 

I just spent most of the afternoon entering all of my lyrics and metadata into, which is supposed to make it available to link with Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. I think it takes a little while before it connects the lyrics with my songs, but hopefully at some point in the near future, when streaming my music on various platforms, you should be able to make the lyrics appear with whatever song you are listening to. That's the idea, anyway. 

In the meantime, here are a few songs for which I am particularly proud of the lyrics.

First is Imperfect Creatures, from my 2019 album Better Days:

(Sorry for the shitty lighting on this one.)

And so much wasted time
Trying to turn a dollar on a dime

Next, we have Gravel Roads, from my 2017 album Weather Patterns. The rhyme scheme of the first part of the second to last verse is actually identical to that of the first verse:

Got a photograph, a worn out map, a compass on the dash...

Finally, here is Rat Race, from my most recent album, Petrichor (2021):

If you find your way out of here, it meant
There's no controlling the experiment

Thanks for listening. If you like what I'm doing, please share it. 

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