Sunday, February 21, 2021

Fever Dream

Today's song that I would like to share is called Fever Dream. It is the opening track on my 2019 album Better Days. It's basically about what has been termed "late capitalism" in academic circles, and how the things that we consume end up consuming us. 

The chorus goes like this:

    But this fever dream's not what it seems
    The sweat stings your eyes
    Can't you see? It's temporary
    How these things consume our lives... 

As a bonus track, here's my song Modern Inconveniences, from my 2017 album Good Night, Fahrenheit. This song follows a similar theme, and it also contains a reference to one of my favorite pieces of academic literature: a book called The Society of the Spectacle, written in 1967 by a French philosopher named Guy Debord.

    These modern inconveniences are really nothing new
    The spectacle society distracts you from the truth

Enjoy. Share. Add to your playlists. Spread the word. 

Thank you for supporting independent art.

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