Friday, February 19, 2021

Dad Rock

If this isn't "dad rock," then I don't know what is. This song comes from my 2017 album Good Night, Fahrenheit. (In case you're curious, the picture on the album cover is of a sunrise in Micronesia, taken from the top of a very steep hill.)

I wrote this song with the idea that it could be something that my own kids could listen to when they've all grown up and are somewhere out in the world being adults. To be perfectly honest, it is the only song that ever made me cry while I was writing it.  

It's called Life Preserver, and it's about always wanting to save the people you love. Click here for the lyrics.

As I was piecing this song together, I thought that the rhythm guitar part sounded like stormy ocean waves, so I basically built everything else around that. I remember the first line that I wrote was actually the one that got it an explicit rating (although I swear for emphasis, not mere profanity): 

    You don't fuck around with forever

If you can think of a more succinct way to say that, then by all means, write a song

This song contains what is probably my proudest guitar solo... which is only in there because I added too many measures at that section of the song and chose to put in a lead part instead of cut it. I'm also proud of it because this was only my third take of improvisation over the whole track. I recorded a few more versions after that, but they weren't as good. And that's my Telecaster on the neck pickup, if you happen to care about that kind of stuff. I love that sweet, glassy tone -- and I used to think that I'd never be somebody who plays a Telecaster, either. 

Enjoy the music. Share it and add it to your playlists if you like it. (That's how these companies know to put my music into their automated mixes, which means that my songs reach more people.)

And remember: whether you know it or not, there is a very good chance that somebody out there loves you... someone who would always be willing to send you a life preserver if only you would reach out and take it. 
    Put it on, kid... you deserve it

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