Saturday, May 8, 2021

Those Graduate Degrees Are Finally Paying Off

I finally did it. I achieved my day-long ambition of working the word "schadenfreude" into a song -- the last word of the chorus, no less. For a few bonus points, I also rhymed "surreptitious" with "suspicious" and "popular opinion" with "secular religion." 

I'm kind of proud of myself. Did I mention that I've spent many years teaching English and Film Studies to college students? For all of them who complained about writing a 300-500 word essay, they should know that this song clocks in at 340 words, and it rhymes.

Here is version number one of Out to Get You. I wrote and recorded it today.

I've been working on this song pretty much all day. I'm sure I'll keep working on it, too, but this is what I've got so far. Like all of these new songs, it's a work-in-progress -- but that makes nine, in case you're keeping track. Two more and I'll have another album.

Enjoy. Thanks for listening. 

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