Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Spring Bloom

This song is so new that I suspect I'll continue to revise the lyrics and tighten up the vocals over the next few days. I may even add some more instrumentation. In any case, here is version number one of the song that I've been working on for much of today and yesterday:

Something about flowers seems to be a running theme with this latest batch of songs. It probably has something to do with my own spring fever and wanting to get outside more. 

I had my window open when I recorded the vocals this afternoon. I didn't notice until after I had put it together that there is a bird chirping at the end of the song. I will very likely leave that in there. It's kind of a nice touch -- a happy little accident, to quote Bob Ross. 

The link above will always play the latest version that I have uploaded to my ReverbNation page. This is part of my process as I continue to develop this album, which is still very much a work-in-progress. This song makes seven in the past month. That's prolific, even for me.  

Thanks for listening and for supporting independent art. 

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