Monday, July 24, 2023

Sunday Setlist

I played a show yesterday at a local bar called The Buzzard's Roost... just me with an acoustic guitar. It was a good crowd.
My setlist featured tracks from each of my six self-produced albums, including some pretty deep cuts that I don't often perform live, as well as a couple that I wrote on piano. 
These are the songs that I played -- though I don't remember the exact order:
1. Dandelion Wine (If Only...)
2. Gravel Roads
3. Quicksand
4. Particle
5. Begin
6. Goodbye
7. Signs
8. Welcome Back, Jack Kerouac
9. Life/Time
10. The Regular
11. Baby Blue
12. Still Life
13. Haunted
14. Original Miles
15. Be Civilized
16. Cold Blooded
17. Don't Forget Who You Are
18. Antidote
19. Fireflies
20. Life Preserver
21. Screen Memories
22. Contrails
Thanks to everyone who was there. I hope that you enjoyed yourself at least as much as I did. I look forward to next time.

Music is meant to be shared, and I appreciate the opportunities to do so. If you dig what I am doing, I hope that you will share it, too. Tell your friends. Stream my music on your online service of choice and add it to your playlists. This is how it spreads.
As always, thank you for supporting independent art and local music. You rock.

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