Friday, August 20, 2021

Embers Aglow

Happy Friday to my fans, listeners, and random stumblers upon this site. Welcome to the thing that I do when I'm not doing other stuff. 

Today's songs that I would like to share with you all come from Embers, which I released in January of this year. While Original Miles remains by far my most streamed song on Spotify, these are some other tracks from this album that you might also like:

Mixtape. This song is about the delicate art of making a mixtape.

Tunnel Vision (Out of Habit) This song is about why it is important to get news from multiple sources.

Going Nowhere. This song is about growing up in a small town.

We Are All That We Need. This song is about companionship.

Thanks for listening. Be sure to exercise your mind, body and soul, today and every day. If available where you live, I also recommend some fresh air and sunshine. When out in nature or anywhere else, remember that we are all just expressions of life, all of which serve an important function and are products of the same incredible universe.

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