Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Indie-pendence Day

I know. There's only one "I" in independence, which makes sense.

But what better way to celebrate our nation's independence than with some truly independent music that was created with zero corporate influence?  (For your added enjoyment and elucidation, the embedded links in this paragraph all go to articles that I wrote about four years ago.)

This is about as indie as you can get. No joke. (This one links to a video of me in my second ever attempt at stand-up comedy. It's not terrible.) 

Here are two songs from prior albums, both of which are meant to be played loudly. 

The first is called Be Civilized, from my 2019 album Better Days. This song is a friendly reminder that we're all in this together (so don't be a jerk). 

The other is called Modern Inconveniences, from my 2017 album Good Night, Fahrenheit. It is my only song to feature an allusion to the seminal work of a twentieth century French philosopher. You get five bonus points if you can spot it, which unfortunately does nothing to pay off your student loans. (Sorry. It's a shitty system.)

(I am acutely aware that this blog post has more parentheses than a compilation album of hair rock ballads from the 1980s.)

Thank you for celebrating independent rock.

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